Words can be limiting in terms of self expression and communication. Art-Café's workshops present
a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential
learning rather than the traditional 'learning from lecture and notes' approach.

This vastly benefits both the individual and the team in using the IMAGINATION - which stretches
the mind far beyond the verbal capacity. The workshops encompass expert facilitation in encouraging
the process of generating and exploration of creative potential and integration of the practical
learning within working life. Our products are selected according to your specific objectives and
services required thereby maximizing corporate outcomes.

Absolutely NO artistic skill or experience is required to participate in our workshops.
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Individuals each have an opportunity to creatively explore and express individual
contributions to teams/companies onto individual puzzle boards.

Thereafter the group connects and explores the meaning of each of the different
puzzle pieces, creating a new larger 3-Dimensional puzzle.

The collaboration and integration of each puzzle piece into a greater unit focuses
all previous elements of hard skill knowledge and training into that of a soft skills
arena in terms of behaviour and communication, and relationships.

This module shifts members of the group into a real 'out of the box' experience,
whereby encouraging thinking, planning, interaction, communication, sharing,
listening, understanding and enhancement of colleagues within a team.

An extremely motivating, dynamic, unique and team exercise!
GROUP IMAGE (On paper, mounted canvas or mounted board)

Group images are beneficial for basic fun and social Teambuilding Groups. Group
images are also extremely useful for interpersonal relationship building and attain-
ment of team's corporate objectives/goals.

Creating a group image includes negotiating boundaries, space and relationships
in a non-verbal and informal manner, working with situations that arise, which is
symbolic of simulated real life interpersonal interactions.

The group image can also further be explored and debriefed in order to encourage
communication, transparency and team support. The image can be created straight
onto board/canvas and then be mounted onsite at work as a constant reinforce-
ment of the team's commitment to each other and the larger corporation.

Clay is known for its relaxing and calming properties, which ultimately de-stress
the physical body and the mind. The dynamic process of exploring the 3-dimensional
clay 'hands-on' has proven to have far reaching affective healing properties.

Clay can literally be pushed, pulled, smoothed, carved, rolled etc, thereby absorbing
anxiety and stress by its nature. The group is guided into the creation of coil pots,
objects and or containers with the medium of clay.

Ayurvedic clay is the authentic, organic, 'old fashioned,' earth coloured clay - which
everyone can relate to from childhood and get stuck into!

A discussion following the clay-making creates an opportunity to get to interact and
know one another in a unique, informal and spontaneous manner, thereby de-
veloping and enhancing relationships and communication through the aid of the

I-clay, the 'world's softest clay' is a new fun, light weight clay. It comes in various
different bright colours of which can be mixed together to form unique new colours.
It's light, clean and extra soft and has super elasticity, which is ideal for fun, quick
creative activities. This is a dynamic form of clay which is more techno-based,
cleaner and crack free!

A discussion following the clay-making creates an opportunity to get to interact and
know one another in a unique, informal and spontaneous manner, thereby de-
veloping and enhancing relationships and communication through the aid of the

Each person creates a 'MANDALA' (circle image) using a variety of art materials
and circular shapes onto a square mounted canvas board.

Psychologist Jung researched how circular shapes are therapeutic, both to create
and then to look at, representing change, transformation and SELF ACTUALIZATION.

This workshop is useful for a constructive 'TIME OUT'S' which as far reaching
benefits in improving one's capacity to be productive at work.

A variety of organic material such as sand, pebbles, bark, leaves, sticks, stones,
leaves etc are available to create natural sand trays, zen gardens, beach themes,
garden themes etc.

This module is really beneficial in reducing stressing in a relaxing nurturing and
grounding manner, whilst relating to peers during the exercise. The voluntary group
debrief thereafter allows members an opportunity to get to know one another in
terms of personality, culture in a unique, informal and spontaneous manner.

The materials are organic and natural whereby everyone can relate to and easily
get involved in.


Various 'stations' or areas are set up with different art materials including paint,
pastels, crayons, koki's, charcoal, pencils and chalk.

Members of the group work in pairs - exploring the art materials as a form of both
verbal and non-verbal communication thereby getting to know one another in a
relaxing way.

The process is fun, quick, interactive, spontaneous and non-judgemental and is
very useful in the start of the workshop to familiarize the group with different art
materials and also to relieve initial anxiety around making art.